Monthly Archive: February 2011

Feb 12 2011

Join Us Today To Effect Change

Check out the Video links at the bottom of these pages. Go back in history when Ross Perot warned us of the melt down we are currently experiencing. Listen to Ross discuss the debt, America’s Position in the world, trade deficits, and more! Now is the time to get involved! Welcome to the Reform Party …

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Feb 08 2011

2011 is the time to get involved

Let’s get involved. Join the NYS Reform Party today. Effect change. Get Involved. ┬áMake a Difference!

Feb 08 2011


Reform minded people everywhere need to get involved and stay involved. It you are not part of the solution, you remain part of the problem. I hope everyone reading this decides to get involved. Simply e-mail the NYS Chair- it’s that simple!